Mission Statement

Helping you share your truth.

Every brand’s story lies within their truths. The real truth of who they are, what they are set out to accomplish, and how they do what they do.

Emmis Marketing’s truth is that we are dedicated to helping brands tell their story and we have done so since 1980. You could say we were created to share. Don’t believe us? Look it up. Emmis literally means truth and we are dedicated to helping you share yours.

Our Work

Digital Engagement

Telling your brand’s story and interacting with your audience in a digital landscape.

Promotional Experience

Giving fans and clients a live in-person event to remember.

Retargeting Strategy

Exposing your brand to the right audience with a friendly reminder.

Our Team

Our Team

 Here at Emmis Marketing we are the collective. A collective of creatives and intellectuals with a passion for digital advertising and marketing. We are centered around our dedication to our clients’ success and driven by creativity and innovation.


Our people are the life source of everything that we do here at Emmis Marketing. Each individual on our team brings something unique to the table and that’s what makes us Emmis Marketing . We know what you can bring to our team because all of your  experiences — both big and small —  can make us better.



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Who Should Be Handling Your Social Media

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