Anything But The “P” Word

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“I promise not to use the word pivot. I promise! Anything but pivot!” This is the pep talk I’m currently giving myself as I prepare to deliver a marketing webinar for Emmis Marketing next Wednesday, April 1st. It is an appropriate word, however, for the current state of marketing and business chatter happening right now. In my opinion, it’s simply overused- so I promise not to drop the “p” word. Instead, I’ll use words like “conquer” and phrases like “dive in” when describing what marketers and business owners should be considering with their current marketing and promotions efforts.

There is unsolicited advice coming from all perspectives on marketing and business right now. I think it’s great. The more collaboration from various voices contributing to the conversation, the better. At the end of the day, all we, the collective voice, want for marketers and business owners, is for them to succeed. We want local business to thrive. When local business thrives, we all win. Over my twenty-year career in media, I’ve never experienced anything like COVID-19 and the effects it has on business. This is new territory for me, so I’m all ears. Like a bright-eyed toddler taking in every bit of information that comes my way, I’m growing leaps and bounds by learning.

Think about how different the collection and distribution of information regarding a situation like COVID-19 would’ve happened pre-social media, pre-internet even. Wow. How times have changed. It’s so exciting to have so many thought-leaders in the marketing and business sector sharing information and thoughts like they are in social media, blogs, articles, etc…I think everyone has a unique approach to how they might handle it, however, I think some of the brands that have lived through turmoil and lived through crisis and chaos have built a foundational blueprint for how brands should push through. The classic example that I’m seeing everywhere, and one that I’ll share in the Emmis Marketing webinar next week, is the Kellogg vs. Post scenario during The Great Depression. “Well that was a different era, a different time”, I can hear you reading it in your head already with a sort of condescending tone. It’s all good. I did that too. A different time, indeed. But the basic principles of advertising that were practised during the Great Depression are still relevant today. The mediums have changed.

On Wednesday, April 1st at 1:30p ET, I’m hosting a FREE webinar on behalf of Emmis Marketing called “3 Marketing Must-Do’s”. Over the last week, I’ve taken excerpts from e-mail conversations I’ve had, phone calls with clients and consultants, video conferences and articles to deliver three things all marketers and business owners should consider today with their marketing. We’ll share examples of brands doing it right and we’ll show you the framework that brands have used historically to overcome turmoil and chaos. I’d love for you to join. Simply follow this link and register for this FREE educational webinar hosted by me on behalf of Emmis Marketing!

Written by Bob Parrish, Director of New Business Development

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