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3% click-thru rate

in 45 days

16 new leads

in 50 days


A local personal injury attorney had a need to deliver new, qualified leads and increase caseload through digital advertising channels across central Indiana.



Based on the business needs discovered by the Emmis Marketing strategy team, they provided a simple, yet effective strategy to help increase caseload and deliver new leads to this particular client. 

Emmis Marketing recommended deploying a Google Search campaign targeting consumers who were seeking legal services. The text ads led to a specific landing page where users were prompted to fill out a webform to be contacted by someone from this firm. Additionally, Emmis Marketing recommended building a search retargeting strategy through this firm’s social media channels. 

By placing the Facebook Custom Audience Pixel on the custom landing page, Emmis Marketing is able to build custom audiences based on actions taken by consumers on the landing page. Essentially, users who do not fill out a webform will be served advertisements across Instagram and Facebook and when those users eventually fill out the webform, users will not be served remarketing ads. Additionally, because of the audience data received from the Facebook pixel, Emmis Marketing can segment audiences for future campaigns for this law firm. 


Legal Services

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Marketing Strategy, Search Advertising
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In just over 45 days the SEM campaign is delivering a 3% click-through rate to the custom landing page and has generated a total of 12 phone calls from mobile searches with an average duration of over 9 minutes per call. The client considers any call over 5 minutes a viable case lead.

Additionally, the Facebook pixel has recognized 4 webform fills generated from social remarketing efforts which are users who have requested more information from this firm. Overall, in about 50 days, Emmis Marketing has delivered 16 qualified leads to this law firm. With average case values ranging from $10,000 to $60,000 or more, this campaign has demonstrated a substantial ROI for this firm.

Have a challenge? We'd like to take a stab at a solution.

We’re into results, but first we know we really need to understand your objectives, audience, and your story.  Only when we’ve done that work are we able to give you a custom, solution driven strategy.

Our access and understanding of all ad tech platforms, as well as our rich history in traditional media, allows Emmis Marketing to not only to strategically build your messaging, but also place your media across all channels.

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