Marketers Should “Lean In” Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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Marketers Should “Lean In” Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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It’s impossible to escape the news of the COVID-19 outbreak. In Indianapolis, where I reside, there has been quite a shake-up. Locally, the Big Ten Conference men’s basketball tournament canceled 30 minutes before the Thursday tip-off, the Pacers season is in jeopardy due to the NBA season postponement, and at the end of the day yesterday (March 12th) the NCAA men’s tournament was canceled, affecting the Indianapolis regionals. All major professional sports leagues, as well as the NCAA, have stopped play due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

On my 45-minute commute home, the city of Indianapolis canceled schools for an extended period and that prompted other local schools to close schools for extended times. The state of Ohio forced all schools statewide to close for an extended period. Businesses that have the technology to do so are asking employees to work from home to avoid contact with potential carriers of COVID19 and as an effort to mitigate risk. Grocers and other retailers cannot keep toilet paper and sanitation and cleaning products on the shelves. While it’s impossible to say what is next and how long this major disruption will last, not only across the state of Indiana, but around the country, we do know that marketers and businesses are working hard to figure out what today, tomorrow, or even next week looks like for their business. Please do not lose sight of the bigger picture and long-term opportunities.

I believe that versus pulling back marketing efforts, it’s time to lean in and figure out what your move is long term. What happens when this passes? Will you be ready to act with a sound and thoughtful strategy to make up any losses you may experience during this course-correction? Or will you be left behind because you didn’t properly plan in times of uncertainty? At Emmis Marketing, our personal lives have, no doubt, been disrupted by school closings, office closings and more. We empathize with our prospects and customers. We understand that your lives have likely been disrupted too. But, we’re here. We’re ready to lean in with you to develop a strong marketing strategy with creative solutions that deliver ROI and positive outcomes for your business- when the time is right.

If supply chain disruption is a concern, are there creative ways to pivot and adapt business strategies? Is it time to finally jump into the e-commerce world? Whatever the desired business outcome, my team can help strategize, brainstorm, plan, and implement for you and your business. So instead of laying low and bowing out, lean in, re-engage, and take this opportunity to think differently so that you can be the first to win when COVID-19 isn’t disrupting your work and personal life.

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