Attention Business Owners: Strategize, Plan, Implement, Win

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Attention Business Owners: Strategize, Plan, Implement, Win

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“A goal without a plan is just a wish”, right?

Or that’s what I’ve always been told by former managers when setting personal and professional goals. I feel like a former Ad Director of mine had this framed in his office with a photo of the Grand Canyon or some wild landscape beneath the text. You know the ones…The mid-to-late 90’s framed quotes that every sales manager in every industry boasted on their office wall. It’s the same concept when planning your advertising. Going to market without a plan is a wish for success. When you buy advertising without a strategy or plan, oftentimes you’ll spend much more than you need to, you’ll buy what looks good at the time, and ultimately, you won’t see the success or ROI that you desire.

Planning and building a sound marketing strategy today is crucial. Business owners and marketing managers, think about your ideal customer. Think about your heavy user and how different their life and behaviors are than even just 6-7 weeks ago. Overnight, our society went virtual. Parents became school teachers, most American’s signed up for their first Zoom account, and business strategies changed instantly. I’m not going to beat the dead horse. We all know that the rigor mortis kicked in weeks ago on that equine. We’re all in “it” as I type this.

Point is, behaviors, lifestyles, engagement; it’s all changed. The benefits that your core consumer seek likely look completely different today. If you feel that you had solid marketing and promotions plans before this mess, evaluate your plan, make appropriate tweaks to fit today’s consumer. Your messaging might need to be tweaked. The channels might need to be more targeted and the action you’re desiring your consumer to take could all look wildly different. If you have focused your efforts on traditional channels with limited targeting, it might be time to consider new digital channels. If you’re not utilizing audience segmentation tactics, it might be time for a fresh coat of paint to capture that data and use it to deliver ROI in your marketing.

For those businesses that didn’t have a solid strategy or plan in place before COVID-19, you’re in luck. While business has been disrupted and habits formed by consumers are in limbo, take the time to build a plan and strategy. Don’t go to the store on an empty stomach and buy what looks good or over-spend. And don’t do it alone. Seek counsel from creative and consultative marketers who are looking to make an impact on businesses to demonstrate their worth and work. With a solid strategy and smart planning, you and your business will be ready to cash in your chips when it’s time hit the gas pedal. Right now, Emmis Marketing is offering no commitment Marketing Strategy Model sessions to help businesses put their best foot forward in marketing and advertising post-COVID.

If you would be interested in exploring a session with the Emmis Marketing team, please e-mail me at this link and I can help facilitate that process.

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